Hello Monday!

Its a bright and shiny new day and a new week at that. A new week to make a plan and commit to that plan. A plan to workout every single day, wake up at 5:00 am, eat healthy, and live every day as the best day ever! I got a little kick in the butt from a mentoring session last night and I was just what I needed. The main theme…..Get your head out of your a$$! It was so true though. I had been feeling a little bit bored with life, more tired than usual, drained, disconnected from life, wasting time on absolutely nothing, stuck, and just got sucked in to zoning out on my phone.

That is now what I was created for! I was created for so much more! Its funny how things can creep up on you and you change from where you used to be and what used to be so easy becomes like a job. But I am awake right now to soak in the beautiful morning in peace and quiet. I didn’t manage to get up when the alarm on my phone went off at 5. I thought I hit snooze, but I guess I cut it off. Along with planning my week, I will start simplifying a bit more to make room for being fun and getting out of my stuck position. The enemy lies to us to get us to become stuck in ourselves and we become focused on living a little life.

So I have my workout plan for this week and I plan to bring it – No excuses. There is work to be done if I want to become my healthiest self again. Its a journey, and I am committed to following through!

june 28 weekly workout

If you would like to print out your own weekly workout planner, go click on the image or HERE.

Blank workout planner image

And here you can print your daily workout logs to keep a track of your workouts.

Monday log



I seem to always come back to this starting point. The part where I type that it has been a little bit since I last blogged and how I want to commit to blogging and writing more….. yeah that part. The truth is, that is still true. I just haven’t been consistent with it. I get distracted way too easily and my mind wanders. Then, the next thing you know the day has gone by and I never got to sit down with my thoughts and write it out. Days pass and yada yada yada……


I have been giving some thought to what I want to write about. I LOVE writting and I want to share what is on my brain many times, but there are just times where I just don’t. I created this blog a while back to be able to share my experiences as a runner with whoever was interested in reading and I also wanted it to be a place where I could dump my thoughts into an online journal to possibly encourage or motivate someone.

But what happened to that runner?? What happened to her voice and her strength? If you have read a bit what I have posted this year and part of last year, you know that the struggle is real. The struggle to stay committed, the struggle of being who I was before my mom passed away, and the struggle of  finding my voice again. I manage to get in something here and there, but GOOD GRIEF, it is a STRUGGLE!!

I spent the day organizing and cleaning up files on my computer. I made a plan of what I wanted to accomplish. On that list was to read. To actually sit still long enough and focus to read a little book that I started reading last summer – “Make Today Count” by John C. Maxwell. I got through most of the book last summer because I was in a little support group for business owners. I happened to look at the chapters to see where I wanted to focus my attention on. The two that I chose were commitment and thinking. When I went to find it, the commitment chapter was folded in half, like it was meant for me to read it. I guess I wanted to read it before, but never got back to it.

One part that stood out was Expect Commitment to Be a Struggle and it gave me some encouragement for sure! “Anything worth having is going to be a struggle. Commitment doesn’t come easy, but when you’re fighting for something you believe in, the struggle is worth it”. Well that is true and also good to know. My husband told me today to pull my socks up and get out of my own way. And basically that is true! Time to put the big girl panties on and just go with things vs. over thinking. Just do it, whether I feel like it or not. I need to find that strength that I once had to dig deep and never to give up. Not that I will ever give up, I just need to direct my focus more and keep my commitments. To make a conscious decision to follow through with what I said I was going to do and not waver.

I get this weekend to get my mind in the right focus to prepare myself for a wonderful week, but before that, I get to pick 2 workouts to do the next 2 days and keep my commitments. I will get my nike GPS watch charged, upload the old runs to free the memory, and make a plan. I am putting it in writing now, I will do what I said I will do because I want to be successful and to get back in great shape!

The struggle is real, but we can beat the struggle!

Much Love,

Who says yard work isnt a workout??

Last week, we finally had some sunshine and we made a plan to get out in the yard to take care of some things that we had not been able to get done. There was so much that needed attention. Well, it wasn’t a sore sight, and the only letter we got from HOA was to get the weeds out of the driveway. On the list was to get rid of the weeds from the driveway, sidewalk and flower bed area, put down a Weed-B-Gon solution in hopes that they would stay away, re-mulch the area, trim bushes, edge the lawn, use the weed eater to get a better cut in hard to reach areas, pull a dying rose bush, pull up 3 other springy/grassy plants that were around a tree, plant a few small flowers, and get rid of Japanese beetles that were trying to eat my other 2 rose bushes!

This was before

yard pics with old stuff

I stayed outside all day and was extremely happy to be able to put down the new mulch that I had waited over a week for. I ordered it while it was on sale but the store was sold out. The 10 bags were just enough to cover all our areas. I actually put all those down by myself because I kept sending hubby out to get something or he had to leave to help my sister with a snake problem. He did all the other stuff for the yard and help pull those 3 large plants from around our tree.

This was another before but after I painted the bird bath.

yard before

This was the tree area afterwards.


I probably did at least 300 squats that day. Up and down pulling weeds, spreading mulch with my little hand rake thingy, pulling those plants, pulling and chopping that rose bush, using my hand shovel to clean the driveway and side walk cracks….my knees and my left hip finally started screaming at me. I think that was my que to stop and call it a day. But the person that I am, I stayed out there for just a bit longer trying to finish up some other things.


The next day, my whole body was screaming. I was so sore and exhausted, I spent the next morning crashing on the couch after waking up early. Legs propped up on a pillow on the coffee table and I was OUT, just sleeping hard! So if you want a good workout, get out in the yard!

First Race in over a year

This past weekend I got to run in a night race with some great friends. Another one of my friends that lives out of state held me accountable to get back out and do a race. After about 2 tries with 2 other races and cancelling, I finally got to do one. This one was the Rock Pink 5k that benefits breast cancer research and it was actually pretty fun! It was also an 80s theme race, so we had to dress up right??

rock pink 2


Though one part of the race course got really dark and I literally could not see if there was a bear in the bushes beside us. I bought a flash light and a headlamp along with me but at the last minute, I decided to leave them in the car as I didnt think we would be running through such darkness. Other than that, It was a pretty fun race.

rock pink

My official time was 48 minutes. I know I can do better than that, but then again, I have not been running like I needed too. I did have some pain in my hip and the front of my ankle along with lower leg tightness, I had to walk a bit more than I really wanted to. But you know what, I will take that. It is absolutely better than doing nothing at all!

We got really cool neon pink shirts that I cut into a muscle tee. And I am going to wear it tomorrow to a summer outdoor zumba fest!


What was something fun you did over the weekend?

Much Love,

Its Almost Summer Time

People used to always say, “The older you get, the faster time flies by”. Sure enough, time has flown already this year. Its a bit unreal that summer time is just about here! I have been out of school for about 3 weeks and that has been a relief in itself! I have gone through 3 semesters since October and I needed a little brain rest. Not to mention, I just want some free time to decorate and dig in to house projects. While in school, I wasn’t able to really focus on projects as most of my classes were art classes and required a lot of focused and detailed work.20150516_114656

This past weekend, my daughter had her last soccer game of the season and she was really proud of herself. I was able to coach 2 of her games, which was completely OUT of my comfort zone, but before I could think twice, I had already volunteered to coach! Her team came in undefeated for the season and she is ready for next season already. Her coach surprised her with a nice trophy, ribbon and a photo keepsake of her on a magazine cover.

20150516_110434  FB_IMG_1429748119545

constance soccer image

To add to the weekend fun, my hubby and I got some friends to come over for grilling out back and let the kids run wild in the sprinklers. Part of the grilling out was for our food prep. We like to throw chicken on the grill for the week to have readily available for when we become hungry. I got to cuddle with a sweet cute baby that was just having too much fun!


Luckily since we got meals prepped for the week, I was able to hit the ground running and jump back in to my workouts. Lately, I have been better with them, other than my daughter and I being sick the week before last and part of last week. No excuses. Here was my plan for the week and I have kept my commitments!

workout planner

What are you most excited for this summer?

Until next time…….

Much love,

Welcome April!

I am not sure how you ended your month last month, but TODAY starts a new month. A new day to get things right. You may not have been able to accomplish what you wanted last month or maybe you were a bit more unfocused than normal (a bit like me) and let a few excuses win, but we can do something about it. We can wipe all that away and start fresh! Choose to not let your mind win and go after your goals this month! Challenge yourself and push yourself! I plan to do one race this month and dig back into running. I also want to do another half marathon, and I will be unstoppable because I am choosing to be committed and not let my mind of excuses win!


We all face different things at different times. We all have different struggles and fight different battles. We are all at a different place in our lives as well. It can be really easy and not realize how we compare ourselves to someone else that looks like they are the fittest of the fit, but we must see the journey that they endured. We can still get to where we want to be if we put our minds aside and just start right where we are and with what we have. There is so much that we can do, but its taking that first step and deciding that you are going to finish what you start! You can truly become that person that you want to become. You don’t have to have a crazy gym membership or the newest and latest workout dvd collection. Use what you have for now and then you can add if you want.


I would love to see where this month takes us! Let’s do it!

Much Love,


Hey There!

It is most definitely a new year and I have a personal goal to blog a lot more often! I know, every time I post on here after not writing for quite some time, I am always wanting to blog more, but fall off the wagon. I have got to write more. There is just too much going on in this crazy head of mine to not dump it out. Gotta get it out more often!

Okay so last year was a tough year for me with being motivated to keep up with my workouts. I had lost my day job in January, exactly one month after my mom had passed away (like that wasn’t enough). My job was kind of high intensity which kept me going like a crazy woman all day long and I actually loved that. But since being gone from there, I’m not as active at home. There is no reason to carry a 18 ft ladder to put decorations up in the ceiling at home right? Well, at the time no because we only had 9 ft ceilings at our apt. Now we do have high ceilings in our new home. More about that later!

After I left, I decided to try and dive into my business and work towards turning it into my full time career. Only I am usually behind my computer lots of times. I went back and forth in my mind so much trying to find the right balance, but I guess I kept making excuses. I liked to workout in the mornings, but since my daughter started kindergarten, it became a little crazy and hard to wake up before 5 am. I didn’t even try 4 am. The mind is such a battle field, and I was constantly going back and forth in my mind on “well if I work out in the morning, I wont be able to get fully dressed in time to take Constance to school in order to start my work day” and “Gosh, I really don’t want to work out in the evenings since I am kind of tied down with work…..” EXCUSES!!

I really let that take over my whole year. I would get into a semi decent routine and it would be great one week and the next, not good at all. I also started back at college and that added more change and more excuses. Though it was a little tough with 3 full time classes in just a 7 week time frame, but i most definitely could have managed my time a little better to do what I needed to do which was workout.

So here is the new year, and I am digging deep and wanting to focus on writing more to get my feelings out and fight my way back to the top again. No excuses any more and no more living in the past! I have realized how pathetic I have been with letting “sissy girl” run my life and my mind. I know what it takes to get where I want to be, I must apply the work to accomplish the goal! I must do it when I dont feel like doing it. I need to stop letting fear get in the way and push through to the top!!

Cheers to a new year of more writing, a new journey, accomplishing many goals and a beautiful life! I am going to enjoy the ride even if I must sweat my way through it 🙂

Much Love,