Bringing me back from captivity

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There is so much at my fingertips to write today, but I am going to take some time to soak in God’s goodness. I am going to choose to go out in the rain today with no umbrella and dance in the rain because as tears have rolled down my face numerous times today, Lord I am listening.
I have been in some conversations with so many people the past week that have been confirmation to “this is the way, walk in it” its not even funny. What I thought as a year I wasted last year a bit, it was needed to get me through to what this year will hold. Mom, I hold your story in my heart. This heart has become an open book and I guard it with passion. These stories will reach others, lives will be changed, and a year that seemed like I floated through, no more floating. No one can tell you how long it will take to grieve, but do it when you need to. Heck, I am still grieving, but God is saying, “I need you to move”. I am stretching out my hand and allowing God to lead the way. I am going to do in scared, afraid, uncertain, knowing that He has a plan.
When he said in Jeremiah 29:11-14
“For I know the plans I have for you….Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me and when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you”, Declares the Lord, “and bring you back from captivity”
THAT IS TRUTH!!!!! It has come full circle and coming to pass in my life right now because I believed it. Right now he is bringing me back from captivity – an area where I struggled like crazy, said numerous times, “I am just not the same”, ‘I am not ‘here'” but I kept fighting and never gave up knowing that God had a plan for my life. In the midst of the struggle, I did loose focus on Him. It felt like I couldn’t find that inspiration that I used to be able to just spit out at people from the tip of my tongue. It felt like I wasn’t reaching out to others and encouraging them – Something that was my passion and something that I LOVED to do, was a struggle!!!!
But here I am. He took me as I was and I started to seek him. He gave me the desire to seek his face and to surrender. And I found Him.
Much Love,

Its a new year!

It is most definitely a new year and boy did 2015 fly by! With a fresh new year, so many of us jump at the sound of a fresh start. It sounds awesome, we get 365 new days to do something great, but so many times, after the first few weeks, we lose interest and things start to blend in again. I pretty much let that happen last year! Sure, things get crazy sometimes and life happens. I made my goals last year and tucked them away! I wasn’t seeing them everyday and they weren’t in my face.

As a result, not much on my goal list was accomplished. I wasn’t truly setting out with a plan each month and I wasn’t breaking those goals that happen over time with work down into smaller goals.

I heard something really interesting this morning as I was watching T.D. Jakes, A new life comes from a new mind. We can get a new year, but if we go into that new year as the same person we were last year, then nothing will change. You can buy a new car, but if you get in the car as the same old person, you will have the same experience.

Wow that speaks volumes and so much truth. I am grateful for that reminder to renew our mind. I actually got down with a plan, a friend and I actually. We were talking one night through facebook messenger and thought “what if we did monthly meet ups to plan our goals with other women”. We wanted something to change. We did not want to face another year as the same old person. We wanted to grab this life by the horns and become the women that we were created to be!

We had such a great time and many new friendships formed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste any time on something that will hold me down. Its time to throw out the crap and go for what God has for us!

Here are a few images from our day and a peek into some of my changes with the way I am doing things. When you find a journal or a planner choose what speaks to you or you prob won’t use it.








Much Love,

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that your thanksgiving is full of love and happiness! I am so grateful for the family that I have and even though my mom isnt here with us anymore, we know that she would want us to enjoy our time together!


My husband had to work today so we celebrated yesterday with a few friends and today I am going to my sisters house and celebrate with them. I know I posted yesterday about great healthy foods, but I totally knocked that out today. I am going to need to run a marathon if I eat like a buffalo today!!! Hoping I can keep it under control!!


Homemade Macaroni and cheese


Homemade Stuffing like my mom used to make


My sister isnt big on turkey, but she used to love the fried turkey my mom used to make so I opted for this version this year. I cut my turkey up into sections and fried – not the healthiest option at all!!


Homemade apple pie


Homemade banana pudding for my dad


Cornbread for the stuffing.

What are you eating today?!

Opening eyes to food.

This was so true! I saw an opportunity to jump in and let them know what I knew so they could make informed decisions. No one is going around and making it known, the truth behind many foods that are sold in our grocery stores. No one is stepping out and educating on a large platform. In other countries this stuff isn’t allowed at all. Organic foods and non GMO (genetically modified) are not tampered with and are truly safe to eat. Yes many years people have been eating these food and some don’t become sick. But so many do. We see an increase in cancer, obesity, and so much more.
organic 2
Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Earth Fare, and Publix are great places to shop for great foods. Read labels, become educated on what is good and what is bad. I am not an expert, but I do know something. Here was a part of my convo when her mom joined in the conversation after I stated that we should eat real meats and fruits and veggies:

In waiting…..

Its a beautiful Friday here in South Carolina. I had the day 2 post of the blogging challenge started but never finished. So I am away from home and decided to try my phone to blog. 🙂 So back to the day….. all that cool weather that we started with this week has disappeared! I have an event that I am doing tomorrow and cool weather would be perfect! It was 60ish degrees at the beginning of the week and today is supposed to reach mid 80s. I want that cool weather back any moment now!!


I wish that I could say there was so much excitement going on right now, but there isn’t. I am at the Volkswagen dealership getting my car serviced and checking out somethings that had me concerned. I have always been a “car” girl and kindof know when something doesn’t seem right, even when I can’t quite pinpoint the actual problem. I dont want to be one of those drivers that just let things go and brush it off. The car I have is a gift from God and I want to take care of what I have been given, you know. Okay, I may be a little bit in love with it. I really don’t let my husband wash it. I wash it myself so I can detail it really good. Its actually something I enjoy doing 🙂

Any how that brings me to the thoughts of comparing that to taking care of our own bodies. We have been entrusted with these beautiful bodies of ours and many times we dont realize its a gift. We feed it all sorts of stuff and expect for it to work properly, but all we get in return is “engine malfunction”. No energy,  sluggishness, fatigue, unhealthy hair, dehydration, dry skin, and so much more. If we thought about our bodies like taking care of a car, we may be a bit better off.

We know that we can’t put diesel in a gasoline car. We know that we can’t put oil in the gas tank. We know that we cant wash the car with crisco. We know that the oil should be changed every so often…. Just with our bodies we know that veggies and fruits are what we should eat many times, but we fail to follow through.

Why not feed it what it needs? It took me a few years and starting over again to get things back on the right track.


But so many times we constantly put the bad stuff in. Our bodies wont last forever if we keep doing this sort of thing. We pay for our cars, but did you know that we were bought with a price? By the blood of Jesus? Yes!!

I have seen with my own eyes body deterioration from years and years of damage, because one simply did not truly know how to do the whole nutrition thing. That person was my mom. By the time she kind of had it figured out and I had figured it out, it was just about too late. She did what she could and jumped right on board, but much damage had already been done.

So think about it. How long do you want to last? It is a struggle, but with much practice and conscious decisions, we can get this right!

Much Love

Day 1: Why I chose to blog – its ever-evolving as I grow

I am participating in a 7 day blogging challenge to ignite the fire within me to dig in here more and blog like I would love to.

I have been blogging for a bit and I actually love it….Only I have not been doing it as much as I hoped to. I go through phases of feeling like I have so much to share, and then I would get overwhelmed, but I am happy when I share what is on the inside of me. I have never really asked myself who I am trying to reach with this blog, but now I have it narrowed down.

I started this blog in the beginning of 2013 because I LOVED being a runner and I felt like I had something to share with the world after I had so much success with overcoming my own obstacle of taking my own life back. I worked my bum off to get in great shape as a runner. Working out was my thing. I loved to dig in and go hard at the gym with fun fitness classes and lifting weights. In October of 2012, I was hit by a car while out on a walk one day and that threw me a major curve ball, but it was a blessing in disguise. I was EXTREMELY blessed that day as I walked away from the hospital with a bruised hip that was slightly knocked out of alignment and a sprained wrist. Little did I know that it was to become my story. As I was kind of still on the sidelines trying to recover, I thought that I would start writing about it.

I heard story after story at the gym when I would engage in conversation with other ladies after a class or whatever we were doing. The thing I saw the most through observation was a feeling of defeat. They didn’t know how much power their words had. I could sense this feeling inside of them that they were not good enough. They were at the gym, but they didn’t know what they truly were capable of. They were working out, but there was something deeper on the inside that I could feel that many just did not believe in themselves. They were chasing skinny. When the ladies spoke, I heard “I Can’t” so many times. It made me think. What goes on inside to make them feel this way. I know that it goes deeper than the surface.

I could relate to that in so many ways because I too struggled with that mindset one time in my own life. I had to dig deep and find that inner strength that I didn’t realize existed to fight my way to where I wanted to be and what I wanted to become. I want to be able to reach mainly women  with a focus on ages 30+. That is the group that my spirit bonds with the most because I can understand their walk through life. I can relate to that feeling as a mom how you want to do so much more, but feel like there is no hope. I know the feeling of losing yourself and feeling like a prisoner trapped in your own body.

I have realized over the last few years that I have a gift of encouragement. I am passionate about helping others from my own experiences. I want to help empower these women, strengthen them, motivate them and inspire them to realize fitness goes deeper than the term. I want to help them to take the word Can’t out of their vocabulary and replace it with CAN.

After my own story, we went through a very challenging time with my mom. It challenged my faith, it challenged who I was, it literally changed me. I watched her go from flat lining on the operating table 8 times to blossoming into a strong woman at the age of 65 with a new amputation. I was able to be a voice of truth to help her work her way back to walking. It was amazing and scary at the same time. This story burns deep down in my soul and it is another testimony to show others how with the right attitude and belief, they can accomplish anything.

Unfortunately, we only had 6 months with her after that initial surgery. She passed away on Christmas Eve of 2013. I literally had a strong sense of peace. Yes, I hurt tremendously and still do from time to time. I believe that I am not quite the same person anymore. I had a year of struggling and gained all the weight back that I fought so hard to loose. Its not as devastating this time around because I know what I am capable of. My mind has been transformed and something keeps telling me, that this is where I need to be in order to help others along the way. I can truly share my journey to rising back up stronger. So Running Around With Krissy isn’t just about my adventures in running its about everything else in between

And Just because my focus is for a certain group, anyone and everyone is able to benefit from my blog. Young, older, men and women. I want to make an impact, not alone, but with God’s help and guidance, to help those realize that fitness is not just about becoming physically fit. Its about becoming who you were created to be. Its about embarking on a new journey to become the best YOU possible. Its about stepping out of your comfort zone and believing in yourself. We can all accomplish great things together 🙂

Much Love

Hello Monday!

Its a bright and shiny new day and a new week at that. A new week to make a plan and commit to that plan. A plan to workout every single day, wake up at 5:00 am, eat healthy, and live every day as the best day ever! I got a little kick in the butt from a mentoring session last night and I was just what I needed. The main theme…..Get your head out of your a$$! It was so true though. I had been feeling a little bit bored with life, more tired than usual, drained, disconnected from life, wasting time on absolutely nothing, stuck, and just got sucked in to zoning out on my phone.

That is now what I was created for! I was created for so much more! Its funny how things can creep up on you and you change from where you used to be and what used to be so easy becomes like a job. But I am awake right now to soak in the beautiful morning in peace and quiet. I didn’t manage to get up when the alarm on my phone went off at 5. I thought I hit snooze, but I guess I cut it off. Along with planning my week, I will start simplifying a bit more to make room for being fun and getting out of my stuck position. The enemy lies to us to get us to become stuck in ourselves and we become focused on living a little life.

So I have my workout plan for this week and I plan to bring it – No excuses. There is work to be done if I want to become my healthiest self again. Its a journey, and I am committed to following through!

june 28 weekly workout

If you would like to print out your own weekly workout planner, go click on the image or HERE.

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And here you can print your daily workout logs to keep a track of your workouts.

Monday log