In waiting…..

Its a beautiful Friday here in South Carolina. I had the day 2 post of the blogging challenge started but never finished. So I am away from home and decided to try my phone to blog. 🙂 So back to the day….. all that cool weather that we started with this week has disappeared! I have an event that I am doing tomorrow and cool weather would be perfect! It was 60ish degrees at the beginning of the week and today is supposed to reach mid 80s. I want that cool weather back any moment now!!


I wish that I could say there was so much excitement going on right now, but there isn’t. I am at the Volkswagen dealership getting my car serviced and checking out somethings that had me concerned. I have always been a “car” girl and kindof know when something doesn’t seem right, even when I can’t quite pinpoint the actual problem. I dont want to be one of those drivers that just let things go and brush it off. The car I have is a gift from God and I want to take care of what I have been given, you know. Okay, I may be a little bit in love with it. I really don’t let my husband wash it. I wash it myself so I can detail it really good. Its actually something I enjoy doing 🙂

Any how that brings me to the thoughts of comparing that to taking care of our own bodies. We have been entrusted with these beautiful bodies of ours and many times we dont realize its a gift. We feed it all sorts of stuff and expect for it to work properly, but all we get in return is “engine malfunction”. No energy,  sluggishness, fatigue, unhealthy hair, dehydration, dry skin, and so much more. If we thought about our bodies like taking care of a car, we may be a bit better off.

We know that we can’t put diesel in a gasoline car. We know that we can’t put oil in the gas tank. We know that we cant wash the car with crisco. We know that the oil should be changed every so often…. Just with our bodies we know that veggies and fruits are what we should eat many times, but we fail to follow through.

Why not feed it what it needs? It took me a few years and starting over again to get things back on the right track.


But so many times we constantly put the bad stuff in. Our bodies wont last forever if we keep doing this sort of thing. We pay for our cars, but did you know that we were bought with a price? By the blood of Jesus? Yes!!

I have seen with my own eyes body deterioration from years and years of damage, because one simply did not truly know how to do the whole nutrition thing. That person was my mom. By the time she kind of had it figured out and I had figured it out, it was just about too late. She did what she could and jumped right on board, but much damage had already been done.

So think about it. How long do you want to last? It is a struggle, but with much practice and conscious decisions, we can get this right!

Much Love


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